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Information Upload Full Text Radboud Repository

  • Employees of the Radboud University and Radboudumc are able to upload the full text of their publication using their U-/Z-number.
  • You will find the button with every single item in the Radboud Repository without a full text and when the full text is under embargo. Most publisher versions are under embargo. When you upload an authors version (pre- or postprint), this may lead to putting your full text in Open Access.
  • The upload button does not function properly on tablets, in the mobile version and with Internet Explorer 8. Please make use of a higher version of IE or use another browser i.e. Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Please note that you have to use 'WeTransfer' if you want to send us very extensive files of more than 125 MB. In such cases please use our e-mail address repository@ubn.ru.nl
  • For uploading more than 10 full texts at once, you can also make use of 'WeTransfer'. Use the same e-mail address repository@ubn.ru.nl
  • Please let us know which version of your publication you upload. We need this information to do the copyright check. Copyright holders decide which version may be published in Open Access in the Radboud Repository.
  • Within 5 days the full text of your publication will be visible in the Radboud Repository.
  • After receiving your upload file there will be a copyright check by the University Library.
  • You will be informed whether your full text has been placed in Open Access or under embargo due to copyright restrictions.
  • When the copyright check finds out that we are not allowed to put the delivered version of your publication in Open Access we need a written and signed statement, a Letter of Consent, from the copyright holder. With this letter you can ask the copyright holder – in most cases the scientific publisher – permission to upload the full text of your publication to the Radboud Repository.

Do you have a question or complaint about the Terms of use? Please contact us via Ask Your Librarian.